Volunteering as a Guide.

An amazing experience!

We took a day this spring and volunteered to guide some of our soldiers!  I got to guide “Professionally” for the first time of my life! I thought catching fish was rewarding, but seeing your client catch fish, OH MY Goodness, Incredible feeling of achievement, for both my client and me!  I remember when I was a Guide in bootcamp, Paris Island- 1996, this experience was nothing like guiding 60 recruits for the full Marine Corps Training Cycle..lol.

Look at that smile, my client Chris. Medic, Soldier, Hero. Semper Fi Brother.

NC Veterans Fly Fishing Guide Service
NC Veterans Fly Fishing Guide Service

Oh, yeah, We got a free day from NC Wildlife @!!!!


Lance helping me learn the ropes on how to guide, with our client Chris!


Oh yeah, here are your local trout heroes, saving nymphs and scuds from death by trout mouth!



A soundless night

So, I have access to a spot in Caswell County NC that “contains” a small swine population.

What are these swine? Wild feral pigs, which escaped pig farms, were released during extreme weather conditions, or simply migrated from locations unknown further east and south.

Now, here are some things I’ve learned;

  • These pigs are smart.
  • The animals move extensively and are very unpredictable.
  • Feeders don’t fool them.
  • They can smell your scent blocker products and know it’s human.
  • They can hear you breath from 20 yards away.
  • They stink.
  • Their vitals (organs that are vital to their use of oxygen and neurological exchange) are very well protected and compacted forward of all other big game species.  Compressed up behind the shoulders.
  • They are extremely aggressive if threatened or surprised.
  • The list goes on, but I will focus on these top few.

The quest to hunt wild angry pigs started this past fall, just learning the land has been taking me about 100 hours.

I have spent about 4 nights out there, in the soundless night between 9pm and 4am with no actual sightings, but here is what I noticed.

The night is busy, very busy with wildlife.  Soundless it is not.  Sitting up on a tree stand has been a very rewarding experience during the sunless hours.  As the night comes, things move, they call out, they trample in the realm of the non visual.  Everything is about sound in the night.  Echoes from coyotes, as they howl like movie inspired thrillers, aaaoooooohhh, from the right, maybe 60 yards away.  Responses of high pitched  oooooooooohh from multiple locations to my front and left.

Surrounded by unseen figures, expressing their locations and territories as they search for things unknown to me.  Little steps begin to sound out bellow and behind, tiny eyes shine back from my green LED light mounted on my 10mm Glock 40 Hunter model with it’s extended full 6″ barrel.

The red dot sight is contrasted by the green illumination with shadows from branches and colorless features, green has not other color to it, so everything looks green with darker and brighter shades of green, features of the ground in relation to objects of all sizes disappear completely.  I also noticed with white light, the color returns, and the ground, the trees and leaves become visible.

What returns and becomes something to analyze in my brain are always the eyes of little rodents and creatures rummaging in the leaf litter of the forest floor.  The cold chill in the night is a distant hollow feeling of invisible cold.  Unlike the daytime, when you can catch a little warmth from the sun lit side of a tree, the night provides no reassurance of warmth from any direction.

Layers upon layers of wool are just not enough, a wool blanket is a requirement, to block the wind and warm the air you breath, using escaping body heat.  Crevices around your clothing, around your foot wear, around your neck, all bleed out the sustenance and comfort of warmth.  The wool blanket is a must have.

The soundless night is a maker and taker, it makes you realize how life could be without our comforts, it takes away your feeling of being better than the animals around you.

Wake up one night, and go sit next to or up on a tree, surround yourself with the power and wisdom of the night.

Waterfowl Season’s Big End.

photo 1Went out with our favorite Guide, Capt Froggy and his son Capt Randy.

Slow season, but I shot a banded Green Wing Teal drake.. with my Remington 11-87 20 gauge I named, “The Dirty Chicken”.  It’s a heck of a duck slayer.

photo 2

Bellow, banded pair of Green-Winged Teal, I got the Drake, and fellow hunter got the Hen.. both on the same blind and about 2 hours apart, both banded!. Amazing..photo 3

Gear:  Remington 11-87 synthetic Sportsman (black)  “The Dirty Chicken”

Kent #4 Steel 3″ shells 20 ga


NY Steelhead, on the fly…

The Crew off in NY…after some Steelhead!  Enjoy the pics…

DSCF1021 DSCF1025

Above, Lance giving some advise..

DSCF1026 DSCF1029

Above, Lance still giving some advise..

DSCF1030 DSCF1037 DSCF1041 DSCF1043

Above, Lance casting real close to some ice, mind you, it’s melting and falling all around us..

DSCF1044 DSCF1046

Above, break!  Lance and his dad enjoying a little down time.


Above, Yes, it was that beautiful..

DSCF1050 DSCF1051 DSCF1053 DSCF1054

Chillin’ by the big boat, then at the big reservoir..

DSCF1061 DSCF1063

What a work of art…

DSCF1064 DSCF1068 DSCF1069

Bellow; Stevo landing his first Steely..

DSCF1072 DSCF1073 DSCF1075 DSCF1076 DSCF1077 DSCF1078 DSCF1079 DSCF1082

Releasing that beautiful creature which lives in wata..


I got two, one landed the other threw the hook while being guided to the net..

DSCF1085 DSCF1086 DSCF1090 DSCF1095 DSCF1100

Time to eat!!!  Crayfish boil..

DSCF1103 DSCF1123 DSCF1125 DSCF1134 DSCF1138 DSCF1139 DSCF1140

Time to head out again for some steelhead action, this time, Lance spots two and guides his father to a hit..

DSCF1145 DSCF1150 DSCF1152 DSCF1153 DSCF1159 DSCF1161

Our final destination, New River Gorge.. Amazing!

DSCF1174 DSCF1175 DSCF1178 DSCF1180 DSCF1188

Thanks for spending a little time here, looking at the pictures and enjoying the show..


Season of the Duck

Well, Nay and I decided it was time for us to explore “the duck hunt”, in doing so, for first timers we’ve been very very successful in our quest..  see…  From Mallards to sea ducks, to wood ducks in the swampy timbers..  Using my Winchester SX3 12 ga. with Kent Steel 3″ No. 3 Steel loads.  I think I’m liking wing shooting more than big game hunting..

DSCF0012 DSCF0015 DSCF0017 DSCF0042 DSCF0043 DSCF0050 DSCF0065 DSCF0068 DSCF1006 DSCF1010 IMG_0162 IMG_0222 IMG_0224 IMG_0228

Dove Hunt 2014 Video

I love dove hunting, well, I kinda love the outdoors.. can you tell?

So, the big question, how do you get good at this?  Go to your local sporting clays range and practice, practice, practice.  It pays off in the end…

Here’s Nay and I with our Dove Win!  We had a competition with other shooters, best hunter gets $5.00 from each of us!  Well, Nay and I tied!  He’s a pro, which makes me a pro, and we are both $5.00 richer!

Dove Win

Kids shoot off!kids competition

Here’s my CZ 720, only bad thing, some shells jam more than most, but they all jam..  I clean it constantly, but still, it jams. I oil it constantly, but still, it jams.  I change the ammo type, but still, it jams.. oh the joy.

But the gun hits what I tell it to, on first shot, else, it’s not going to shoot again.. hahahaha.

Dove hunt cx 720

backyard dove

From Smallmouth to Dove

Yes, we hit them small mouth hard, then, we went after fast flying dove.

This year, the dove were not plentiful, but, the ones we saw brought enough fun to keep us there, lol..ALL DAY. It was hot, 93-95F, with no sign of cooling off.

Anyways, enjoy some pictures while you’re here.




Early morning start for those little fast flyers!  I think we got in at 5am, we were definitely ready for the day’s hunt.p4


Hot and slow, but fun non the less.

I’m using a CZ 720, it’s a semi auto 20 gauge, retails for about $500.00 and it’s a Matte finish, so no “Shininess”, and hits exactly on target!  I hit some dove at 30+ yards flying full speed, folded them!



I loaned Nay my American Arms Inc W/F 12 gauge over under, it shoots up to 3 1/2″ shells, but today, we used 2 3/4″ shells!  LOL.  Nay’s gun was unresponsive, luckily for him,I always take a spare (just in case).  He finally started hitting those winged bullets and the fun began.p7


Mojo Dove in the heat.. I think it was sweating too.p8

photo 3

photo 4

Transition- sporting

Hi all, been some time since I’ve made post.

It’s that time of the year, We’re moving from Summer time Smallmouth right into the Dove and early Goose season. I call this the “fast flyers school of wisdom” and “how to make and excuse for missing”. Then in the coming week we begin the Deer Archery season! wow, this is the exciting time, where we spend many long hours staring at either the sky or the dirt and leaves around us, yes, I do enjoy that.
People ask me why I do what I do? Let’s keep this short and simple.
The same reason you have interests that you like to follow and be active/inactive with.
And there we go, prepare for the opening season of, Total Outdoors!