Small Mouth Bass New River NC

First time smallies

 So, Steven and I had our first time Small Mouth fishing trip, and it was a success!   I even caught a big Rainbow trout.  Then I went back two weeks later with my co-worker Lewis, and he got his first NC Smallie, and I caught a larger smallie than usual, close to 2 lbs I think..  New River, NCIMG_0016


My First Smallie (small mouth bass)


My first Red Eye (Big Mouth or Rock Bass)





So, I thought it was going to be a huge Smallie, NOT..  It was a big rainbow!



Stevo’s Smallie!




Chub a wub bub.


Sucker fish.. huge!


Monster Small Mouth, from our usual size!  this was my second trip there with Lewis.



Here’s Lewis with his first NC Small Mouth, congrats bro!!



Friends and their outdoor fun

So, I’ve been meaning to get some pictures up of friends doing their personal outdoor adventures!  Enjoy;

Here’s one of our local outdoor pros, Josh is the go to guy at our local Dick’s Sporting Goods store here in Greensboro, NC.  Hey, if you visit the store, ask him how that Tuna trip went!  Man he has a story he can tell you about that Hammer Head shark..


IMG959148 0620141608a

One of the local hunters in my side of the woods, Matt, well his wife is just as good as he is when it comes to the outdoors!part-0_2

Ha, little man J, he wanted to do a 3D target for his BB riffle practice, he’s getting ready for squirrel season with this piece of art.  I asked him if it was a fox?, and he looked at me funny…(Yes Dad, duh)  I love my son, he’s so creative.


Tilapia April 2014


Tell you what, Nay and I are solid when it comes to bow fishing, stalking Tilapia from the bank with traditional bows.  I know of no one else that can hunt these fish like we do.  I mean, HUNT, for real.


Walking in the woods, stalking Tilapia from the banks may be a bit on the danger side, never know which snake you may run into, maybe a Copperhead, maybe a cotton mouth..  maybe Nay will just take it out like a champ.


Here are some shots.

3442 3440 3439

See, Nay had it good, he got to carry the bows.  I HAD TO CARRY ABOUT 75 lbs of fish on a STICK..  REALLY?..  Man what a dag gone walk, about 2 miles of it.  HAHA, that stick was bent!  and so was my dag gone back!


Tom Turkey

This is the first Turkey I’ve ever called in, and harvested in NC.


So, I went out at about 10 am on the first day of the season for 2014. I know it’s a bit late in the morning, but I got in at 2:30 am from a night Tilapia bow fishing trip and was too sleepy to wake up before 9am.  I had set up in the thickets by a swamp where I’ve seen them in the winter, but after calling for an hour, I got board and walked up to a ridge where a tree stand was set up for the deer season that just past.  I noticed two trees next to each other that provided great shade from the sun, and sat down.

It was hot, but the shade and the moist cold ground was soothing, the other spot I was sitting in had sticks and twigs pinching all the nerves on my legs as I sat.  This part had nice shade and just leaves, which kept the ground real cool and it also offered good concealment.  As soon as I placed the call in action, I heard a Tom gobble somewhere really far.  It was far enough that it sounded like a faint whisper.  I called again, and he gobbled back, it was ON!  After a 10 minute dance with the king of birds, I knew he was on his way, as his echoing strut would gradually become clearer and louder.


He barely came into the woods at about 30 yards, when I suddenly turned my head. A big no-no, as he was there, looking at me.  I feared he spotted me while we were eye to eye, but I think the shade and my quick action to put a set of hen clucks calmed his curiosity.  He puffed up and gobbled as he walked behind several small trees to my right.  That was my chance, I quickly shuffled my feet to the right. Those leaves were so loud, I felt as if I would spook him, so I clucked again while taking my Benelli Montefeltro off safe.  It felt like 2 hours had passed, and I feared he would move on. That’s when it happened, he moved just a bit to the left, which provided me a 12 inch gap between all the trees, and I squeezed.  After a loud pop, he dropped and I had harvested my first ever Turkey, which I intentionally called in.  Amazing.


Our First Striped Bass Trip

The crew, going after some fish! Steven, James, Lance.


No words can describe how it feels to go out, to a place you’ve never been to before, where you have no idea where to start.  The fact is, we’ve never gone after Stripers, so we had no idea what to do, except fish!

We got 2 keepers out of the deal and that was worth everything we did to make the trip happen.

We hit the lower Roanoke River here in North Carolina, boy was it huge!

How do I feel about the first Striped Bass trip?  AWESOME!



Gear: Carolina Skiff 16ft, Bait: Frozen Finger mullet from 2 years ago I had freeze packed, Tackle: Medium spinning rod, Shimano Stradic with 10lb power pro and Carolina Rig with 2/0 circle hook.


Lance, above, got his on an ultralight shad jig!!lol, I think he had 4-6 lb test line and a chartreuse 1/16 oz jig head.. Crappie style hahahaha.  Nice.

Can’t forget our main man, little J, one week later trying to get some Yellow Perch for his “records”.DSCF6790 DSCF6791


You ate what?

tto outdoors

It’s cookin’ time.. Me being the hunter at heart that I am, I didn’t want to just kill something and just throw it away..  I learned there is a Crow hunting season so, as usual, I did it.  Took my 12 Ga Benelli Montefeltro, bought a crow call, and called a few in.. yes, I missed a bunch and got a few.  The ones I recovered went to the kitchen.  A bird is a bird is a bird… Crow harvest crows to eat

Prepared harvest, Crows are birds, birds can be eaten.crow breast

Looks and tastes great once prepared, looks like something you could eat…



January of the rains

We had a trout trip on the Mitchell River, here in NC, late October of 2013 and had a blast.  We caught lots of fish that day, too busy to take more pictures, and Steve-o wanted his picture on the net..  Catching fish like a PRO..

DSCF6723 DSCF6733 DSCF6734 DSCF6736 DSCF6739


Then along comes January 2014, every time we’ve been wanting to go, it’s freekin’ raining and lightning, or some severe weather system passing through..  Well, today, we hit some sunlight..  We tried the Ararat, but the water was IMPOSSIBLE to even walk in.  That river was high and moving!  Very not safe.. so we went to the Mitchell, and here’s how we did..

I caught 3 fish, and missed one.  Steven got 1 fish and missed one. Nay, well for his first time out here, he did well, he didn’t give up.DSCF6752 DSCF6753 DSCF6755 DSCF6759 DSCF6765 DSCF6767 DSCF6768


While the fellas were fishing, I found other things to do:



The End….


Team Member Status..

Here’s what the team’s been up to..

So, Steve-O decided he was going to St. Thomas this week and get himself a fish..  well, he sure did..  Congrats on the nice Wahoo and Mahi..Wahoo St Thomas


Nay’s Baggin’ squirrels with his Air rifle, and taking out deer with his longbow and compound bow!




Little J has been fishing like a champ..



And James from the city?  well, I guess just eating pizza enjoying the show..


At least I got a print of a deer on my shirt…